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Merging back flows

Jean-Sebastien Vachon

Hi all,


A quick question regarding merging back flows into a single flow.


I have a processor that outputs a JSON formatted flow containing information such as the following:



   “organization”: {

            “id”: 1234,

            “name”: “demo”


   … some other fields …



This is sent to multiple processors that will compute and add different fields to the flow… which will need to be merged back together into a single JSON formatted flow.

The problem is that the “organization” section above will appear in each of the individual flows so if I simply use a MergeContent processor, this section will appear more than once ( I am using BinaryConcatenation)


What would be the best strategy to accomplish this? I was thinking about adding EvaluateJsonPath or JOLTTransformJson after each processor to filter the flows before sending everything to the MergeContent.

Are there any other ways of performing this?