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NiFi: CSVRecordLookupService - Mapping Not Found

If you have ideas for me on how to solve this problem, thanks in  advance -

I am using a NiFi flow to create single flowfile from two input files. This
flow involves the LookupRecord processor, which requires several controller
services.  The controller service that is failing is CSVRecordLookupService
- it cannot establish the [very simple] mapping; the error reported is


The first file is a file of ML baseball players - the second column is
Loc_ID, which is a 3-letter code for the team's city.  The second file
contains the Loc_ID (city) and associated state name.  The first file does
not contain the name of the state - the goal is to perform the lookup and
create an output flowfile that contains the name of the state.

The file schemas and CSVRecordLookupService controller service configuration
are shown below.  Samples of the top of the input files, and the process
flow, are shown, and at the bottom of this message is a link to my xml flow

input schema:

output schema:

CSVRecordLookupService controller service configuration:

input file sample:

output file sample:

process flow:

flow template:

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